Why CSteps

Why Become A Conquering Steps Member

Conquering Steps life coaches offer an array of different types of coaching services! There are individual services, family services, and even cooperation services.

The question you need to ask before you take the next step and allow us to be a service provider for you is why should I choose Conquering Steps as a coaching service provider over another coaching or counseling institute? Quite frankly we can’t answer that for you. There is however no other coaching or counseling organization that you can invest in that will make a bigger impact in communities, individuals lives, and overall the whole world!

When you become a member of Conquering Steps, the money you spend will help go towards feeding the hungry, community outreach events, helping the homeless, and healing the sick. We make it a priority to use what we take in to help someone else take the next step in the right direction. So whether you choose to let us coach you, your family, or your business your step impact reaches far beyond your own personal life.

Our Biblical Foundation

Conquering Steps is a Christian based life coaching organization designed to provide its family members the tools to help them take steps to a better life. We provide in person coaching sessions to those that live in the twin city area, but also provide video and phone sessions for clients in other regions of the world.

In the book of Luke the 17th chapter there is a story about ten men who had leprosy, which was a modern day skin disease that caused those who had it to be isolated, looked down upon and pretty much considered an outcast. Those who had leprosy were considered the walking dead. These ten men went to Jesus and He told them to go show themselves to the High Priest. The next thing that happened was significant!

The Bible says that every step they took they were healed. (Luke 17:4) That’s what Conquering Steps is all about!

We want to help people take the proper steps needed to be healed. Our slogan is “Every step you take is important, but none are more important than the next.” It’s very apparent that there are people in our society that are walking around with modern day leprosy. Not the skin disease, but instead they are walking around with depression, various addictions, self-esteem issues, broken relationships, money problems ect…

These issues have caused many to be isolated, looked down upon, and pretty much considered outcast in society. We want to see these people healed! And more than that we want to see people who don’t know Jesus come to an open relationship with Him so they can not only be healed but also be made whole.