Day 4: Next Level Love

One of the greatest quotes from a movie came from the movie “Jerry Maguire” and the quote was “You complete me.” Oh how sweet! However, the reality is this is just a movie and we should never come to the conclusion that someone completes us. One of the things that causes strife in relationships is the imbalance of codependency and interdependency. Deep right? That’s why I’m calling this “Next Level Love” Here’s what I mean by that statement. In your relationship have you ever discussed what you would depend on each other for, but also what you would take personal responsibility for? If not its possible that you are very imbalanced in the areas of codependency and interdependency.

The term “we” in a relationship doesn’t mean that you loose your individuality. There will be both a togetherness and a separateness. You need to discuss who does what for whom and what one does for oneself. Boundaries do exist within relationships. They’re like property lines. If someone crosses the line, you feel violated. Boundaries define and protect you as individuals and are key to a healthy relationship. Don’t over depend on someone or think “they complete you.” You were complete before you came into the relationship and what you bring as in individual is just as important as what they bring.

Challenge: Discuss what you all will depend on each other for as a couple but also discuss what you will take personal responsibility for. Then pray that God help you in this endeavor and that He help uncover the great individuality He’s given you.

Be blessed and take your love to the next level!