Day 5: Next Level Love 

Most great actors share one common skill that makes them great. What’s that skill you ask? That skill is the ability to ad lib. Ad libing is the ability to stray away from the script and improvise within the context of the movie. Basically they add their own flavor and do their own thing and it works.

Often times within our relationships we only stick to the scripts we’ve seen growing up or been exposed too. We go by what our parents showed us or what TV tells us. Society, our parents, cultural surroundings all hand us scripts and we just stick to them. For me that script said that I would either sell dope, go to jail, be an athlete, or rapper. College, counseling, coaching, minisrty, or writing a book was not written in the script I was given. Instead of sticking to the script I ad libed and became what God wanted me to become. What script is your relationship or life reading from? Maybe its time to scrap the script and start writing one that works for you and your significant other. Remember what works for everyone else is not necessarily what will work for you and yours!

Challenge: Think about what scripts your relationship has been reading from and ask yourself is it’s working. If not scrap it and start working on your own script. Talk to your significant other about the things you guys have just been doing because its what you thought was right and then focus on how to tweak your script. Pray and ask God to give you a script from His word! This will help take you to next level love! Trust me this will earn you the Oscar of relationships.