Day 3: Crisis Prevention Intervention

When I worked as a correctional guard we had to go through a training called CPI. CPI stands for crisis prevention intervention. The point of the training was to teach us how to keep ourselves, inmates, and others on the unit safe. The reality was that any situation whether small or large could potentially turn into a crisis so we had to know how to deal with common and not so common occurrences in a way that kept everyone safe and alive. Lets see what that looks like within a relationship. Here’s the question, do you and your mate have tactics, plans, and things in place to keep a simple argument from turning into a crisis? If not I’m here to help.

Here are some simple rules to help keep crisis from occurring in your relationship.

1) Never go to bed angry
2) Vent to God in prayer not to your friends in anger
3) Seek to always understand their point of view instead of pushing your point of view. Then find the common ground between the two perspectives. Trust me there is a common ground.
4) Forgive each other
5) Pray together as often as possible

The tactics I learned in CPI literally kept me alive on the unit. These simple rules can keep your relationship alive if applied. Don’t let simple situations turn into crisis that can cause your relationship to die. Take it to the next level of love by putting in place tactics, plans, and boundaries.

Challenge: Look back over your relationship and see situations that turned into crisis that could have been avoided had you had a plan in place. Then find time to talk with your significant other about things you all can do together to help prevent crisis from happening again in your relationship. Then pray together that God help you in this endeavor.