Day 2: Recreational Intimacy

Contrary to popular belief intimacy is not just about sex!Intimacy can be seen and expercienced on different levels. One level that is often missed is the recreational level. Every couple that comes through my office doors will hear me say that in order for their relationship to work, be rebuilt, or last the test of time will require selflessness and sacrifice as well as compassion and comparomise. You may be wondering what the heck does that have to do with recreation or intimacy? I’m glad you asked.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m passionate about sports. Not just football, basketball, baseball…etc; No I’m passionate sports! I mean I watch sports shows all the time, read sports books, participate in sports most have never heard of because I’m just that passionate. My wife on the other hand not so much. But something funny has happened over the course of our relationship. Because she likes being around me she took a common interest in some of my sports shows. Even though she didn’t really like sports because it was something I was interested in she would come and join me just so we could be together. She made a sacrifice! She then started learning about sports, participating in a few sports and talking sports with her girlfriends! Even though most of her banter was mocking the athletes and the host of the shows it made me fall more and more in love with her because she took the time to take an interest in something that I loved. So in return I did the same. Now we have stronger recreational intimacy. Recreational Intimacy is simply two people taking common interest in each other’s likes and passions and enjoying doing them together.

Challenge: You and your significant other make a list of all the activities that you like on separate sheets of paper. Then exchange list and highlight the ones that you actually could enjoy doing together. Then highlight one that you really don’t like that much but willing to make a sacrifice to start doing to together. Doing this will take your love to the next level.

Make sure you pray together and ask God to help build your recreational intimacy.