Day 1: Seek Understanding

In Dr. Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” he states that one thing we should do is seek understanding first instead of seeking to be understood. In relationships we often want our significant other to understand where we are coming from instead of seeing where they are coming from. Have you ever really thought about why your mate does what he or she does? Have you ever thought why do they react the way they do in certain situations? Ladies have you ever thought to yourself that maybe he doesn’t know how to be a man because he never had a real man to show him how to be one? Have you asked him “baby who taught you to be a man growing up and what did you get from them?” Men have you ever asked your lady about the past hurts she’s experienced? Have you ever asked her “Baby is there anything I do that looks similar to what someone who hurt you did? And is that why you act the way you do at times?

Taking love to the next level requires understanding of each other’s past, present, and also what each other wants the future to hold. Today I want you to take the time to share with your significant other something they don’t know about you. Don’t tell me they know everything because they don’t. Then find a time to talk about it. If not today talk about it on V-Day because I’m sure ya’ll will be kicking it then. Don’t make it about flowers, balloons, cards, candy, and sex. Make it about growing as a unit.

Challenge: Share something with your significant other about you that effects how you react and respond that you have never shared with them. Then find a time to talk about it among each other. At the end of the conversation pray for one another and ask God to help your love go to the next level.

Be blessed and stay encouraged people!