Stepping Stones LIVE

Episode 1: 

Holiday Hardships, the future of Stepping Stones, the debut of Wednesday’s Wisdom Stone, live Q&A, & more!!!

Episode 2:

Grief and hardships in the holidays with our special guest, Londa Lundstrom Ramsey.

Episode 3: 

Anxiety during the holidays, our top 5 Thanksgiving foods, Wednesday’s Wisdom Stone, & more!

Episode 4: 

Finding peace after a family fallout with our special guest, Prophese Fuentes.

Episode 5:

C.L. Thompson is starting a new series on how to build momentum going into 2018

Episode 6:

Today’s question: When is it ok to tell your kids the truth about Santa Clause? When did you find out the truth about good ole St. Nick?

Episode 7:

LIVE from Michigan!!! Today we finish up our series on building momentum for 2018! Also, tune in for Wednesday’s WIsdom Stone & more!!!

Episode 8: 

NEW YEAR SPECIAL – C.L. Thompson presents a special edition of Stepping Stones Live with a message that will get you over 2017 and into 2018!

Episode 9: 

On today’s episode we interview with Trena Smith, discuss money management, “Make War”, Wednesday’s Wisdom Stone, & more!!!

Episode 10: 

On today’s episode we continue to discuss money management but first we discuss “Make War” with Csteps staff member Shavaun Kerf. Then instead of doing a Wednesday Wisdom Stone at 9:30, we will be having a half hour discussion with Isaiah Goodman discussing his company Becoming Financial! Thank you for tuning in & enjoy the show!

Episode 11: 

On today’s episode we continue our discussion on “Make War” with special guest Prophese Fuentes. Also, on the 2nd half of the show we bring back our guest from last week, Isaiah Goodman to continue to discuss finances and his company Becoming Financial. We got a packed show today, we hope you are blessed and encouraged by it.

Episode 12: 

Today we are live and in full effect! Tune in today as we will be talking about how do you know if you’re ready for marriage with my special guest Andre D. Fullwood? We’ll also be talking the Make War for Love event, announcing the winner of the viewers choice gift card, and I’ll be giving you a Wednesday’s Wisdom Stone. Get ready for an incredible show.

Want to enter in yourself in this months drawing? Answer this question; What’s the best way to get over a relationship that has ended?

Episode 13:

We’re continuing our series titled “Rules of Engagement” On today’s show I’ll be teaching singles how to find the right one, discussing how to get over a divorce and finding love again with my special guest and good friend Shaudie Imaun, and of course I’ve got a fire Wisdom Stone in store for today. Missed Stepping Stones Live? You can now listen a couple hours after the show on Apple Podcast, Speaker, and Podcast Addict. So be sure to tune in however you can. Want to enter yourself in our Visa gift card giveaway? Answer the following question…

What’s the most memorable Valentines Day you’ve had good or bad?

Episode 14: 

Today, we will recap parts of “The Art of Love & War” from Make War For Love, and we also have a life changing Wednesday’s Wisdom Stone! Don’t forget to hop on your social media and join the conversation by using #SteppingStonesLive! Your comment might just get read on air! You could also interact using the comments section!