The Conquering Steps team has decided to MAKE WAR in 2018!

Make War is our company theme for 2018 and we’d like you to join us in our efforts. You’re probably asking what are you making war against? We want to make war against things such as

  • social injustice
  • mental health issues
  • domestic violence
  • divorce
  • homelessness and so many other things.

This year we will be touring all over teaching people how to stop murmuring about life’s hardships and to start making war against them. Your financial contribution will help benefit those that can’t afford to get mental health treatment as well as people that are struggling with addiction, abuse, and low life circumstances. Take a stand with us and declare war by giving what you can.

Here’s an opportunity to join our growing list of sponsors.

Your sponsorship will help continue to provide much needed services to those who are in dyer need of counseling and support, but are unable to maintain ongoing service due to financial burdens. While CSteps provides additional community workshops and events, your support in monthly contributions is greatly appreciated.


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CSteps thanks you and all our sponsors for your commitment to CRAWL, WALK and RUN!